Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Langley Pond Triathlon

Both the FCA Endurance athletes and volunteers had a terrific day at Langley Pond even though the weather didn't quite cooperate. Here's an account of the day from the Douglasses:

Great job to all the competitors and volunteers who contributed to a victorious day, despite some unexpected changes, like an hour delay and a slightly truncated bike course…

First, a special thanks to Jody for packet pick-up help, to Jennifer for manning our booth, to Charles and Ray for coordinating the volunteers and to the youth who volunteered – your enthusiasm was noticed and appreciated! All of y’all’s help was invaluable! Also, we owe a special thanks to God for holding the thunderstorms and downpours off just long enough.

Congrats to Donna (1st AG), Tracy (2nd Open Female), Jody (3rd AG), and Nick (4th in the fastest AG).

Behind the scenes: Several new folks expressed interest in the joining the team, and a family of four who were doing their first triathlon as a family event emailed us to express appreciation for the special care given to them by FCA-E teammates. May God be glorified.

We look forward to seeing y’all at Clemson – come by the booth and give Hammer gels a taste test – or join us for the pre-race pasta feed – or contact us to offer your help (or your family’s help). Volunteers are needed for Clemson; the volunteers at Langley Pond had so much fun they asked us if they could help next year.

Race director pre-race blues!
Nick – finishing the International Distance.

The booth with the Douglasses, Jody, and Toby, triathlete and pastor of Christ Community Church Sumter, who was there to do the pre-race prayer.

From Charles Gee, the FCA Area Representative and volunteer coordinator for Langley Pond:

Slick & Donna,

Just wanted to let you guys know how much I enjoyed being a part of the South Carolina Triathlon event at Langley Pond this weekend. It always excites me to find new ways to reach others through the ministry of FCA. Your enthusiasm for our Lord and FCA-Endurance is contagious. I enjoyed our time of fellowship at Olive Oil Friday night and hopefully we can grow the numbers next year. Our volunteers from Lakeside Baptist did an awesome job Saturday and I heard nothing but positive comments. They wereenthusiastic and always had smiles on their faces even in the rain. The participants appreciated their Christ-like attitudes. The highlight for me was for Ray and I to get to carry Jason from the swim portion of the race to his bike. That encouraged and humbled me at the same time. What a great guy!

Thanks for all your efforts and I look forward to working with you again at Hickory Knob later in the season. God Bless.

Teammates in Christ,

Charles Gee, Area Representative, Palmetto FCA

Here are some awesome pictures of Charles, Ray and Jason :